Available in BULK or in CALENDAR SETS

Print wallet size, perpetual calendars.  Perforated stationery comes in all colors and textures. Calendars come nine to sheet.  Each sheet measures 8 1/2" x 11" sheet and each calendar measures 2 1/8" x 3 3/8".  There is a 1/2" tear off border around the perimeter of each sheet so that you can print to the edge of each calendar.

  • Begin with any month and year!
  • Highlight up to 15 different days per year!
  • Design and create wallet calendars that people keep!


Bulk Calendars

Bulk calendars

Save money!

Order calendar stock in any of our Primary or Ultra Bright colors. Available in packages ranging in size from 450 to 4,500 calendars. Our standard bookmarks are card stock, come nine to a sheet and are finely micro-perforated for easy and neat separation after printing.

The layout of our calendar sheets includes a unique 1/2" border on all four sides which allows for edge-to-edge printing with your inkjet or laserjet printer. Calendars are also available in text weight but may be subject to minimum quantities



Calendar Sets

Bulk calendars

Calendar Keepers!

People do not throw away laminated, wallet sized calendars.

Calendar sets come in cartons consisting of 100 calendars and 100 perfectly matching laminating pouches. Pouches are 5 mil thick and hinged lengthwise for easy insertion. All pouches provide a 1/8" border around calendars and have rounded, 1/8" corners. Pouches are also sold separately in larger quantities.