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Technical Support is free and our virtual office is always open. To speak with a support representative right away, call 610-694-8855 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST. On weekends and after normal business hours, please leave a message under "Technical Support" on our Voice Mail, or send an email to

In fairness to others using MemorialMaster - and in order to provide support quickly when and where most needed - please refer to our FAQ page and the User Manual before requesting support. In most cases, your questions will be quickly answered.

It is important that, when leaving a telephone or email message, you include your name, telephone number, and a brief description. Always identify the Version number of MemorialMaster you are using. It is located on the title line of the Main Menu.

NOTE: If you are a funeral director needing immediate assistance for an upcoming service, please be sure to mention the day and time of the scheduled service. We monitor telephone and online messages and will respond to funeral directors’ needs regardless of day of week.

You can find the software version you are using on the tool bar of the main menu under Help > About. If the version number of the software you are using is older than the most current version available (compare at the download page), download the latest version, save it to and install it on your PC, and, if the problem persists, then call or email your question