Sample Memorial Bookmarks

Sometimes used in lieu of prayer cards, Memorial Bookmarks provide families with a useful keepsake as well as an informative memoriam. Larger than a prayer card, bookmarks can be printed on both sides, vertically and/or horizontally, and are available in two popular sizes. MemorialMaster further allows you to import prayers and graphics. You can also use decedent photos and your funeral home logo.

Myriad Data manufacturers blank bookmark stock that is micro perforated for easy and neat separation and is available in many different colors of parchment - both card stock and text weight (similar to 24 lb bond paper, which is recommended if you will be laminating). Laminated bookmarks last indefinitely.


The bookmark at left contains the same information that you might find on a prayer card or service folder, but allows you to fit more text and graphics in what can become a useful keepsake that is viewed often.

If your bookmarks are not going to be laminated, we recommend that you use cover weight parchment. Cover is more substantial in feel than text weight parchment paper and will hold up much better with use.

Bookmarks can also serve as advertising pieces for your funeral business. Bookmark at right contains the popular "Footprints" while the other side may contain the funeral home name, address, logo, and directions.

Bookmarks are simple, attractive and extremely cost effective giveaways.