Software Purchase Options


MemorialMaster - $469.00

Includes CD-ROM, 41 page User Manual, sample printed stationery, laminated samples, color swatch booklet, sample laminating pouches and blank sample bookmark, post card, memorial program and calendar stock. Free technical support for six months. Software use is for one site. Additional site licenses (see below) are available at reduced cost. Also available is a network version for workstations sharing the same server. FREE shipping for orders placed on-line.


MemorialMaster Pro NW - $699.00

PRO NW is a network version of MemorialMaster Pro that is available for single funeral homes sharing the same server. Support is limited to the server site only. If support is required at more than one site, it is highly recommended that addional one year Support Plans be purchased for those locations (see below). Eliminates the need for additional site licenses for computer systems operating on a network. (top)

MemorialMaster site licenses - $275.00

Additional MemorialMaster site licenses for remote locations of the same funeral home. Includes complete software packages with separate support privileges at each different location. Each installation is mutually exclusive of the others. Stationery layouts can be shared from one PC to another PC at a different location.