MemorialMaster Screenshots

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  • MemorialMaster comes with more than 200 professional quality memorial images, military symbols and fraternal organization logos. Even without a decedent photo, you can create a professional product that any family will be proud of.
  • Click, drag and drop graphics directly onto composition screens. How easy is that!
  • Accommodates all .jpg, .bmp, .pcx and .tif file types.


  • More than 100 prayers, sentiments and miscellaneous text can be placed directly onto composition screens. Simply click the prayer of your choice and Return.
  • Complete foreign language character support available by simply cutting and pasting.
  • Add as many prayers as you would like or, if you would like, modify those that are already there.


Memorial Master Manual



In addition to a 41 page hard copy User Manual, MemorialMaster provides answers to questions through an integral help menu, complete with index and pop-up help screens. And, if you are still having difficulty, you can also access the on-line FAQ page while you are connected to the internet.



Unlock Software

Sample Memorial Calendars



If you are using an Evaluation copy of MemorialMaster, full activation is a telephone call away. Upon payment, we will be glad to provide you with a Registration Unlock Code via telephone or email. Meanwhile, the Evaluation version is a full functioning copy of the program with the exception that the word "SAMPLE" appears on printed output. Download a free Evaluation copy now.