Sample Prayer Cards

Check out our prayer card stock and discover a new world of extreme savings and family satisfaction. Take advantage of your creativity and use both sides of the prayer card. MemorialMaster offers the tools for you to easily provide a truly professional product.


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< Prayer card compositions can be as simple or as complex as you would like them to be. The prayer card at left includes just the basic information about the decedent, along with a prayer selected by the family.

MemorialMaster comes with a database of 100's of prayers, although you modify these as well as add your own. There is also an extensive graphics database of literally 100's of images. All prayers and images can be imported and placed directly onto all prayer card layouts.

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At right is an example of a composition that includes a cropped image of the decedent’s photo as provided by the family. Also included are graphics of a rose on stem and a dove. >

MemorialMaster comes with an extensive graphics database of more than 200 memorial images, military symbols, and fraternal organization logos.

If you do not have a decedent’s photo, you can still create an attractive product using one or more of our professional quality images.

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