Sample Service Folders

Pre-printed service folders are available both as individual items of stationery and with two on a pre-perforated sheet. MemorialMaster  accommodates and has templates for all industry standard formats and sizes.


Schematic at left shows the outside panels (that is, the front cover and back page) of a standard service folder (2 up format).

Typically, the decedent photo or appropriate graphic is placed on the front cover, along with name and dates as shown.

Some directors also choose to enter a prayer, names of pall bearers and their funeral home name and address on the back panel.

There is no right or wrong; just what the family wants and what is appropriate.

At right is a schematic showing how the inside panels of a typical service folder might appear.

The prayer comes from the 100+ prayers in the MemorialMaster database.

The service items come from a sample template for the 2-up, 8 1/2" x 11" sample that is also provided in MemorialMaster.